Starlink Beta: Happy New Year!

Nothing groundbreaking today, just wanted to post an update to the stats. More videos coming shortly here,

Brief disclaimer on the stats. I have been busy working on some other projects, so the dish is still not mounted to the roof, it is sitting in my back yard, but I am still getting great performance for what it is.

Weekly Average (well really just a few days but whose counting) of the upload/download/latency.

24 hour graph every 1 min running speedtest-cli showing the speeds/latency.

I am working on a way to automate publishing these graphs daily to share so others can see them in real(ish) time. Stay tuned, and share with anyone you know who might be interested. This is really a community effort to help make internet access better for us all, so anything we can all do together to improve and provide better feedback is good for us all.

Starlink Beta: Happy New Year!