Automating my home: Ring Floodlight Cam

After installing the Ring Doorbell Pro, Automating my home: Ring Pro Video Doorbell, I wanted to mount an outdoor camera on the front of my house to get complete coverage.  My wife was ok with it, provided that it didn’t look like a camera, or was well hidden.  After some fuming about how challenging that would be, I found the Ring Floodlight Cam.

I just so happened to have a motion sensor floodlight on the front of the house, so I bit the bullet and expanded my security footprint.  The biggest challenge on this was the 110 volt connection, or more specifically the fact that the wiring was 18 feet above my driveway.  I am a fairly good handyman, but I do not like heights, so it was not fun to install.  Once I finally found the correct breaker to turn off the power, it is on my list to label them, the install was pretty straight forward.  It was literally as simple as disconnecting the old light, and connecting this one, ground, neutral, and hot, then the screws to attach it, and power back on.

I thought I was done, until I tried to setup the wireless for the camera, which showed me that my single Unifi UAP AC Pro access point wasn’t quite enough for the house.  Amazon prime will have the new one here soon, but in the mean time, I used an old airport express and connected the Floodcam to it.

The only real complaint is the alerts, my wife is going to be turning off all the motion sensor alerts, I prefer to get them, I adjusted the motion area to cover my driveway only.  The adjustment from our perspective is when someone walks up our drive way to the front door.  The Floodcam alerts, then the doorbell, and if someone rings the doorbell, well that is three alerts.  It is not bad, but it does take some getting used to.

After this latest install, I have to be honest, I am a bit of a fanboy.  These have been the easiest products to install and maintain, and the performance is incredible for the size.  With live view, I can check in on my house and neighborhood when I am away from home, and with the cloud storage, I can provide the video to law enforcement if there are any suspicious people near my house.  I am still waiting on the Ring Stickup Camera to come out in 1080p video, then I will likely go with an all Ring system.  I can’t recommend these enough, by far my favorite security and camera products yet.

Automating my home: Ring Floodlight Cam

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