Communities are a messy thing

A couple months ago, I wrote a post about VMUG being community event, not a vendor fair. That sparked some discussion, but not the desired outcome of more community involvement. Long before I was a VMware employee, I was a member of the VMUG. Before that I was a member of the technical community. I write posts like this, show up to VMUG events, put this out on twitter, not because I am a VMware employee, not just because I think we have really cool technology, but because I believe the tech community is the reason for us being here, it is a part of us, and it is what I care about.

One of the greatest values in the community is comparing notes, asking questions, learning from each other. My challenge is to create micro community gatherings. Gatherings of similar companies. We are trying to create a healthcare community meetup, basically an opportunity for healthcare providers to discuss what works, or just hang out and meet their peers. I would also like to see other similar groups started, and I would love to come hang out and learn from all of you. It doesn’t have to be limited to companies who do the same thing as you, but similar sized companies are a great source of information.

Please come to the VMUG events, they are a great time, and I enjoy meeting those of you in my local area, but don’t let it end there. Small meetups are a great way to interact, after all, the IT community isn’t so large, and we all have something to contribute.

Communities are a messy thing

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