VMware Storage Part 4 1/2: VSAN revisited

No sooner do I get a post up about VSAN and how I don’t think this is a major storage play, but rather a lower end play, than I see this on twitter…


Now I want to say, if your not reading guys like Duncan and Scott to name just a very few, then you are missing a majority of what is happening in the virtualization world. With the recent hires at VMware technical marketing, the future is anything but boring. That being said, I love speculating, and I do realize this is typical for VMware to push the envelope, release new and innovative products and then make them even more awesome.

I would have to say though this is significant if it means what it seems to. There are so many amazing products on the market now from a storage perspective alone, that VMware would be missing a huge segment if they didn’t work on this. I do stand by my thoughts though, this doesn’t kill competition, it just makes the rest of us work harder to innovate.

Competition is never a bad thing, it can bring out the best in us. I look forward to seeing what this means for those of us who have invested heavily in the future of VMware, from a career standpoint, and those who are using the products. What an exciting time to be alive and in technology.

VMware Storage Part 4 1/2: VSAN revisited

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